New courses help employees get up to speed.
Sessions cover MyLeave, Paying People and Contract Pay.
If you didn't make Friday's biweekly time collection deadline, you can still pay your biweekly employees by downloading, completing and submitting to Employee Services the new Regular Earnings Excel spreadsheet by 2 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2.
Due to the upcoming systems upgrade, the deadline for monthly payroll pulls moved to 10 a.m. Friday.
Review time collection, payroll processing and other important pay-related deadlines for the December 2015 payroll run through Employee Services.
Access to applications and tools in the employee portal will be restricted starting Nov. 20.
New flowchart compares HRMS and HCM workflows
Employee Services has added a special payroll run in November to ensure there are no payroll hiccups when CU takes the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) offline for the conversion to Human Capital Management (HCM).
Cutover information released for CU Careers
HCM users can practice in the mock site through go-live Dec. 3.