The Affordable Care Act expands coverage for employees. Just be sure you know the impact it can have on your budget and on employees who don't take action.
Was your last payday smooth sailing? Then take a moment to thank payroll professionals during National Payroll Week, Sept. 7-11.
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Be sure new employees know which moving expenses they can claim.
Final HCM training session covers improvements to common data reports and queries. Then, try out the system with Structured Labs in October.
If you're a new international employee, be sure to schedule an appointment with Employee Services' International Tax Office as soon as possible to determine and document your U.S. tax status.
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Be sure faculty members are aware of their pay options.
Here are four reasons HCM WorkCenters will make your workday easier.
Tasks like hiring, pay and managing CU employees will get much easier thanks to Elevate's HCM upgrade.