CU issued paycards to more than 1,200 employees in September and undertook a campaign to educate them about how this pay method works. See the educational materials we've provided so you're prepared to answer questions from faculty to student employees.
Thanks to security enhancements in the portal, it takes just a few taps of the mouse and the keyboard to complete CU’s W-4 and direct deposit forms. Help your employees save trips to the printer and fax machine by showing them how to complete these forms online.
This October, when you join Employee Services at your campus' business partners meeting, you'll walk away with a giveaway when you participate in an interactive survey.
Sure: You could win an iPad by attending Employee Services' Fall Financial Expos. But the event, Oct. 20-27 on all CU campuses and in the System office, offers richer rewards, including face-to-face time with the experts who can guide you through student loan management, retiring, credit card scores and the features of your retirement plan.
See your October 2014 time collection deadlines and pay dates for employees paid on a biweekly and monthly basis.
Download, print and hang an Employee Services Fall Expo poster or two in your office, break room or building. You'll be helping your employees and co-workers change their money mindset and achieve their financial goals.
Do your employees know that CU automatically enrolls them in its 401(a) Retirement Plan and contributes 5 percent of their pay to that plan if they're eligible for it? Educate your employees so they're not caught off guard by this deduction from their pay.
Jobs at CU's new customer service mdoel means we're more available for you.
Help your employees get in front of the upcoming flu season: Download, print and hang Be Colorado’s HealthFair & Flu Shot Clinics poster in your office or building.
See your September 2014 time collection deadlines and pay dates for employees paid on a biweekly and monthly basis.