eComm specialists can assist users with administrative tasks, such as unlocking a user and resetting their password, granting access to Business Units, and placing them in the appropriate Role.
Ensure your Marketing Cloud emails and Cvent registration forms comply with CU brand standards.
There's two ways to send emails through Marketing Cloud. Guided Send (with a step-by-step wizard) and Salesforce Send Emails. Both methods get your email out the door, it's just a matter of your preference. Here's we'll review the Salesforce Send Email method under Interactions.
Leverage six sets of CU and UCCS branded templates to increase the effectiveness of your communications. Each set contains three templates each so you can vary your email design while maintaining a similar look and feel. | eComm is comprised of three different applications with three separate login pages and passwords.
The things you have access to in Marketing Cloud, align with your role. Checkout a breakdown on the things different roles can and can't do.
Marketing Cloud looks the same, but we've streamlined audience selection.
Watch recorded Marketing Cloud training videos to learn how to leverage data to get the right message to the right audience. We encourage you to pause the video periodically and allow yourself time to put the material into practice.
Found yourself in a pickle? We are here to help! Checkout these common issues and the best way to remedy them.
Have you already created and tested an awesome email? Save it as a template to make creating future emails even easier. It's the best way to ensure consistency today and down the road.