| eComm is comprised of three different applications with three separate login pages and passwords. After visiting, select the blue Marketing Cloud or Cvent button to login to those applications. For Salesforce access, select your campus to login.
!20% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! Cvent Certification provides an opportunity for planners to demonstrate their expertise of the Cvent Event Management planning software. They offer both a Professional and Advanced level of certification for Cvent Event Management users.
We know creating a beautiful email isn’t easy, especially with a few particularly quirky email clients. So, we wanted to pass along a few tips for some of the trickiest platforms:
Learn how to refund a credit card transaction in Cvent.
Watch recorded Salesforce & Marketing Cloud training videos to learn how to leverage data to get the right message to the right audience. We encourage you to pause the video periodically and allow yourself time to put the material into practice.
Checkout analytics within Marketing Cloud tracking to find data on all your historical sends. Take the opportuinity to target this audience with a speciality communication rewarding them for their dedication with a short thank you, event invite or discount code. Your eComm specialist can help with these four steps to target this audience through eComm.
Do you need to communicate with someone who isn't already in Salesforce? Your eComm specialist can add new contacts for you to email. To create new contacts we need the first name, last name, and email address.
As an eComm specialist, you might need to import data. Two common examples include: 1) adding people in bulk to a Salesforce campaign to create an audience to be emailed OR 2) to create new contacts that do NOT already exist in Salesforce.
Not sure what you have access to? Learn about roles and their related access within eComm.
Do you promote your events via a printed invitation or radio ad? Ask your eComm specialist to create a custom, short URL to make registering for events easy.