Testing your event registration and website is crucial to the success of an event.
This resource is designed for eComm specialists who are responsible for submitting provisioning and deprovisioning requests for their campus. Learn how to submit requests while being mindful of important deadlines and details that affect the user experience.
Beginning on February 1, 2022, Marketing Cloud will require multi-factor authentication (MFA) upon login as an additional security precaution. Learn more about MFA and how to enable it in this wiki.
Reporting Resources, Updated Wikis, and eComm Updates! June 2024 eComm User Newsletter.
Learn how to create a Data Extension as you typically would, then Import the data from a file (rather than 'start' it). Just remember, you'll need the Contact 18 ID to Import successfully.
Cvent rolls out updates every quarter. Find a summary of updates that impact eComm along with a link to the full release notes.
When faced with a failed send, a send to 0, or failed Data Extension, review the items below. Often, the root cause is something over which you have control rather than a systemic failure in Salesforce or Marketing Cloud. If there is an outage or broad issue, users will be notified as soon as possible.
Not sure what can be accomplished with the eComm suite of tools? Learn about the most common features used at CU.
Understand the difference between sender profiles, delivery profiles and send classifications in Marketing Cloud. These not only drive email from information but also (more importantly) ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.