Salesforce is at the heart of eComm, but it would be nothing without other systems across CU. 

Diagram: eComm tool & data model


eComm's constituents are comprised of data from multiple systems (listed below). Master Data Management (MDM) aggregates these details on one record then passes it to Salesforce for use.

  • Advance | Donors, Friends & Alumni Updates
  • Campus Solutions | Academic & Enrollment Details
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) | CU Employment Details
  • Identity Management (IDM) | Campus-level Affiliations
  • eComm Specialist | Contacts that do not exist in one of the above data systems can be created directly in Salesforce by an eComm specialist
Once a contact is created in Salesforce, there's a few ways to update that information:

  • Marketing Cloud | Populate Email Sends & Individual Email Results (IERs)
    • Marketing Cloud and Salesforce have a bi-directional integration. That way a Marketing Cloud email can distribute to a targetted audience created in Salesforce.
  • Cvent | Update Event Participation, certain Subscriptions and New Contacts
  • eComm Specialists | Update a Consituent's Email Preferences
    • Constituent's can adjust their own Email Preferences by receiving an email and selecting 'Manage My Preferences' in the footer
  • Advance, Campus Solutions & HCM | Update Constituent's First Name, Last Name, or Email


Data Dictionary

The data dictionary provides full descriptions and values.