Vision Statement

The University of Colorado's university-wide eComm platform ensures a personalized, constituent-centered approach that maximizes the university's ability to use data to support engagement strategies. eComm fosters collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency as it moves toward a shared technology architecture and common data platform.

What is eComm?

What is eComm?

The CU eComm program offers CU schools, colleges, units and departments a unified platform for electronic communications with alumni, donors, parents and friends via a suite of web-based tools: Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and Cvent. 

eComm’s email marketing and event management tools for CU communicators integrate with CU's source systems of more than 1.5 million records. This integration creates customized, targeted and engaging communications that capture valuable data in a dynamic and secure environment.

Why a Single Platform?

Why a single platform?

eComm provides a single, centralized environment for CU constituents to update their contact information, register for events, donate to CU and identify communication preferences. By increasing the quality, currency and accuracy of constituent data, CU can enhance engagement with its audiences while adhering to CAN-SPAM legislation and saving money.