New users will receive credentials with login instructions around the 5th of the month.

PREVIOUS STEP | Pre-Access Requirements

After completing data security training, send screenshots of your SkillSoft course summary to your eComm specialist. We can't secure your license until these courses have been completed.


CURRENT STEP | Login, Training & Quiz


All new users will recieve an email with credentials with login instructions, training details and a quiz around the 5th of the month.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE This page contains links to the eComm applications Salesforce (select your campus), Marketing Cloud and Cvent.


Data & Tool Model | 5 min.

Required for all new users.

Learn more about how eComm's suite of tools (Salesforce, Marketing Cloud & Cvent) work together along with CU source systems. 

Understand CAN-SPAM | 5 min. 

Required for all new users.

Understand the importance of CAN-SPAM and our user's role in keeping CU compliant. 

Marketing Cloud | 45 min. 

Required for all new Marketing Cloud users.

Learn how to create and deliver an email in Marketing Cloud.

Cvent | 45 min.

Required for all new Cvent users.

Create a customized registration form to manage a simple or complex event in Cvent.

Salesforce | 15 min.

Optional for new Marketing Cloud users.

Salesforce holds all of eComm's data, which makes it critical to our use of Marketing Cloud - namely for creating targetted audiences. Your eComm specialist creates your audiences in Salesforce, so your expertise is not essential (although beneficial). New users are encouraged to focus their attention on Marketing Cloud and/or Cvent first and later learn Salesforce to avoid being overwhelmed. 


After new users complete on-demand training, a short verification quiz needs to be completed to become an 'official' eComm user. That will permit sending emails in Marketing Cloud and/or getting your Cvent events approved. 

NEXT STEP | Continued Education

You have two options to complete training and the verification quiz: in-person (recommended) and on-demand. We'll be with you every step of the way.