Each year, the eComm and CRM teams obtain feedback from the campuses that drives implementation and enhancement efforts. Our governance process is collaborative and accounts for feedback from users, eComm specialists, and campus leadership.

We look forward to working together to continue enabling CU's communicators and event planners to make the most of their outreach efforts while improving the ability to customize based on constituent interests and preferences. Here are a few things we're working on during FY23.

  • Billing Fields | Create new billing fields on license
    We will create several new billing fields on the license object to streamline the billing process for all campuses, including those with a distributed funding model. New fields will also account for charges to multiple speedtypes.
  • Billing Process | Launch new billing process in UIS
    We will launch a new billing process in UIS using the new billing fields that will increase accountability and transparency for all licenses charges. We will continue to accept feedback throughout the year and make incremental changes as needed.
  • Bounced Emails | Streamline bounced email data flow
    We will identify a streamlined approach for management of bounced and inactive email addresses, including identification and removal from Advance/Ascend. Additionally, determine automated process to reactivate inactive subscribers in Marketing Cloud when a new email address is added to the contact record.
  • Cvent Licenses | Purchase additional licenses
    We will purchase additional Cvent licenses to accommodate ongoing growth in the user base.
  • Cvent Integration | Improve the CV-SF integration
    We will work with Cvent to troubleshoot and correct previous integration issues and populate data that was not initially sent to Salesforce.
  • Data Extension Automation | Reduce need to import data extensions
    We will offer opportunities to automate data extension imports to increase audience accuracy and CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Dynamic Content | Allow for customized email content
    We will create opportunities for broad use of dynamic content through synchronization of Salesforce objects and will conduct training accordingly.
  • Einstein Enablement | Enable Einstein for Marketing Cloud
    We will conduct an Einstein pilot in Marketing Cloud to assess overall business value, particularly in conjunction with journeys.
  • Intermediate Training | Provide Cvent intermediate training
    We will create and provide intermediate training for Cvent users to increase enablement and reduce reliance on eComm specialists.
  • Journey Builder | Conduct Journey Builder pilot
    We will conduct a Journey Builder pilot in conjunction with synchronized data, dynamic content, and automations prior to a rollout for advanced marketing users. This will include opportunities to identify and segment unengaged constituents.
  • Mulifactor Authentication | We will enable MFA in Marketing Cloud
    Per SFMC requirements, we will fully enable multi-factor authentication for users.
  • New User Journey | Increase skillset of new users
    We will develop a journey for new eComm users that will continue their education post-onboarding and that will address more advanced topics, such as A/B testing, designing for mobile, and accessibility.
  • Onboarding | Customize onboarding outreach
    We will work to customize new user onboarding communications with Dynamic Content to streamline the new user process and reduce time spent on manual tasks.
  • Opt-Out Audit | Ensure accurate opt-out data for all preferences
    We will work to customize new user onboarding communications with Dynamic Content to streamline the new user process and reduce time spent on manual tasks.
  • Page Layout | Improve page layout on Salesforce objects
    We will clean up the page layout for all Salesforce objects including removal of unnecessary fields and reorganization of existing fields based on eComm business cases.
  • Preferences Audit | Audit all preferences for accuracy
    We will conduct a complete audit of the existing email preference solution and determine inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and where corrections should occur.
  • Preferences Solution | Explore new preferences solution
    We will gather requirements and begin exploring alternatives to our current email preferences solution, including the potential restructuring of CU's existing preference model.
  • Preferred Name | Allow for preferred name personalization
    We will integrate preferred name data from CU source systems to allow for improved audience personalization. We will create corresponding preferred name personalization options in Marketing Cloud that include default values for auto-population in cases where preferred name is blank.
  • Provisioning Flow | Create new provisioning flow
    We will create new, modern provisioning flow to capture monthly eComm user changes. This will include the ability to view current license information, to request new speedtypes, and to provide billing notes. Additionally, eComm specialists will now upload Skillsoft verification directly to the files option on the license.
  • Salesforce-Only License | Create Salesforce-only license tier
    We will work to create a Salesforce-only license tier to increase access and affordability for campuses.
  • Subscriber Management | Improve subscriber management
    We will identify opportunities to improve management of the subscriber table to reduce storage costs, such as removal of subscribers who no longer have an active email address in Salesforce.
  • Subscriber Reactiviation | Automatically reactivate subscribers
    We will develop a process to automatically reactivate inactivate subscribers who are active employees and/or active students to improve email deliverability while investigating the cause of the bounce.
  • Subscriber Status | Add subscriber status to contact object
    We will determine if there is a way to add Marketing Cloud subscriber status to the Salesforce contact object to increase the ease of send troubleshooting.
  • Synchornize Data | Enable synchronized data in Marketing Cloud
    We will enable synchronized data in Marketing Cloud to allow for improved use of Dynamic Content and Journey Builder.
  • True-Up Process | Improve bi-monthly true-ups
    We will work with UIS services to identify an appropriate process for bi-monthly true-ups based on feedback from the campuses.
  • VPN Restrictions | Remove VPN login restrictions
    We will remove VPN restrictions for login to Salesforce and Marketing Cloud.
  • Cvent Payment Issues | Improve financial reconciliation
    We will work with CU Treasury to address payment/refund issues with Cvent, Authorize.net, and Wells Fargo. Additionally, we will work to streamline speedtype and account code selection to reduce reconciliation time.
  • Distributed Marketing | Enable "simple send" for non-marketing users
    We will investigate and launch a "simple send" mechanism for communicators who do not have advanced marketing needs to improve efficiency and reduce reliance on eComm specialists.
  • Event Management | Identify cost-effective solutions
    We will gather requirements and work to identify a simple, cost-effective event management solution, particularly for users with simple, free events.
  • POI Data | Integrate POI Data
    We will integrate POI data with Salesforce in order to gain a more complete picture of this audience and will adjust audiences accordingly.
  • Unengaged Subscribers | Segment unengaged subscribers
    We will determine a way to identify unengaged subscribers for the purposes of strategically excluding them for certain types of outreach and/or placing them in a reengagement campaign.
  • Additional Emails | Add more email addresses to contact
    We will work to integrate additional, relevant email addresses with the contact record, such as CU Anschutz email address and CU Hospital email address. This will allow for greater segmentation of audiences and increased engagement.
  • Athletics Data | Add athletics data to interest object
    We will work to identify the source of athletic participation data and integrate it with the appropriate object in Salesforce to allow for interest-based outreach.
  • Automation of all DEs | Automate all data extensions
    We will pilot the automation of the majority of data extensions on a campus or campuses to eliminate the need for manual imports prior to every send.
  • Certificate Data | Add certificate data to education object
    We will work to integrate certificate data (both degree and non-degree) with the education object in Salesforce to allow for more granular outreach to specific educational groups.
  • Club/Interest Data | Add club/interest data to interest object
    We will work to add relevant club and interest data to the interest object in Salesforce to allow for interest-based outreach.
  • Do Not Contact | Integrate do not contact field
    We will work to integrate the do not contact field from Advance/Ascend to Salesforce to reduce the need for manual data loads and increase the accuracy of data.
  • Email Deliverability | Improve email deliverability
    We will research and identify measures to improve email deliverability, such as Litmus, ReturnPath, etc.
  • Email Opt Out Field | Create bidirectional integration for email opt out data
    We will work to create a bidirectional integration for the global email opt out field between Salesforce and Advance/Ascend to eliminate the need for manual data loads and increase accuracy.
  • Email Preference Flow | Create Salesforce flow for email preferences
    We will create a Salesforce flow for the quarterly email preference and business unit request process to streamline submissions and increase accuracy.
  • GeoCode Data | Integrate Geocode data (Canceled; GeoPointe not migrating to Ascend)
    We will integrate Advance/Ascend geocode with Salesforce to eliminate the need for manual data loads and create more accurate data.
  • Military Affiliation | Identify contacts with military affiliation
    We will determine if it possible to integrate military affiliation data for audience segmentation and targeted outreach.
  • Parent/Relationship Data | Improve parent data in Salesforce
    We will identify improved measures to collect and maintain parent data in Salesforce, including relationship data (i.e. Parent A is related to Student A, who is related to Alumnus A).
  • Scholarship Data | Integrate scholarship data
    We will identify a mechanism for the integration of scholarship data with the scholarships object in Salesforce to allow for targeted communications and outreach.