On February 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo announced new requirements for bulk email senders to be implemented by June 1, 2024. These guidelines emphasize three key areas: authenticating outgoing emails, monitoring reported spam rates, and ensuring an easy unsubscribe process for email recipients. Learn more about the steps eComm has taken to ensure compliance by the June 1 deadline.
We know our eComm specialists and users understand the importance of CAN-SPAM and intend to follow it. But sometimes, mistakes can occur that lead to a violation. Learn about common ways to violate CAN-SPAM so you can avoid them. We highly recommend this wiki and the associated quiz as an annual refresher.
Design an email template, drop in data tags, and send it once. With event emails everyone on the invitation list will receive a personalized copy, like it was written just for them. Hosting sessions? Rather than troubling everyone on your invitation list, distribute the webinar info, send a reminder to bring questions for the panelists, or announce that the room has changed to only those who registered for an optional session.
Understanding the difference between commercial and transactional emails helps your message get delivered and read. Plus, it's the law.
Updating Sender Profiles to Match SAP for Compliance must occur as quickly as possible as to not impact any email delivery. To achieve this, the system eComm team and campus eComm specialists will divide and conquer. Use a sheet with a tab devoted to each campus used to delegate and track work.
The eComm Help Ticket is a robust resource designed specifically for eComm and is constantly updated. Check out an overview of the process (including a peek of the back end), benefits to those requesting help and those providing support, plus common missteps to avoid.
Does a contact need to start (or stop) receiving a communication of yours? If your Report or Data Extension is based on a Salesforce Campaign, users can manage Campaign Members and create new Contacts when needed. Those audience changes will be reflected the next time the corresponding Report is sent to or Data Extension is started. It's a great way for users to continually manage small changes to an audience, without involving an eComm specialist.
Want to continually grow an audience you can email via Marketing Cloud? eComm can provide a simple subscription form along with a Salesforce audience that will update automatically with subscribers (thanks to a behind-the-scenes integration). Users can add the subscription URL to their website then send emails to that audience as desired.
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Not sure if you have access to complete a task? Find out which roles have access to complete which tasks - and those you must request.