February User Provisioning, MFA Deadline Tomorrow, Data Extension Automations, Delivery Profile Updates, eComm/Pharmacy Support Transition, Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
Track attendance for your event or sessions by marking who showed up. With Cvent, you can mark them one at a time, import a list of participants all at once, or use OnArrival to mark participants onsite.
This resource is designed for eComm specialists who help onboard new users for their campus. Once you know how to submit requests and important deadlines, get a peek into all the customized emails they will recieve during their first 7 months in the applications. All emails are customized based on the applications the individual has access to and the eComm specialist who supports them.
February User Provisioning, Next Team Meeting, MFA Deadline Approaching, Salesforce & Marketing Cloud Security Review, Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
MFA Deadline Approaching, VPN Requirement to Remain in Place, January Last Login Audit, Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring