With Cvent, you can translate Flex and Classic events into several different languages for your registrants. Most of the default fields, such as labels, instructions, error message, and validations, are automatically translated, but can be customized. Certain text that is not automatically translated, such text widgets, registration questions, feedback survey questions, session names, etc, will need to be translated manually.
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A Cvent license is great for supporting event planners at numerous stages of the event life-cycle, for both simple and complex events. There are certain elements are not included with at typical license, but you can contract directly with Cvent to procure.
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Do you find yourself taking two clicks every time you login to Marketing Cloud to navigate to Email Studio? Set your Default Login Preference to Email to avoid that step when logging in.
Do you send your Marketing Cloud emails to numerous Data Extensions? When you check Tracking for a send, all Data Extensions are captured in the analytics by default but you have the option to filter by specific Data Extensions.
With eComm, a Cvent event can be configured to collect money for an event that will later be deposited to your speed type. Users who host paid events must complete the Payment Card Industry (PCI) SkillSoft course annually and have an understanding of financial processes.
Testing your event registration and website is crucial to the success of an event.
​​eComm's Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) illustrates how data relate to one another within Salesforce.
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