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To help minimize the potential for CAN-SPAM violations, eComm has the ability to automatically refresh data extensions that have been found to be non-compliant (i.e., not refreshed/imported before their use in an email send). Non-compliant data extensions can be identified and added to the process in two ways. Learn more.
Understand the difference between sender profiles, delivery profiles and send classifications, in Marketing Cloud. These not only drives who an email appears to come from, but more importantly ensures that it's CAN-SPAM compliant.
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Design an email template, drop in data tags, and send it once. With event emails everyone on the invitation list will receive a personalized copy, like it was written just for them. Hosting sessions? Rather than troubling everyone on your invitation list, distribute the webinar info, send a reminder to bring questions for the panelists, or announce that the room has changed to only those who registered for an optional session.
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