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Marketing Cloud Campaigns

Marketing Cloud Campaigns provide a way of grouping similiar emails together. That way, Campaigns can be used in Datorama Reporting to present data for certain emails. For example, rather than reporting on all emails within a Business Unit, you could view emails that are part of a particular Campaign (like a monthly newsletter, or football invitations). 


  • Emails must be associated to a Campaign before being sent to be captured in the Campaign in Datorama Reporting. 
  • Marketing Cloud Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns are not associated to one another.

Create Campaign

  • Hover University of Colorado in the top left
  • Select Campaigns in the top navigation
  • Click the blue Create Campaign button in the topright corner. A pop-up will appear.


  • Required
    • Name | Name your campaign.
  • Optional
    • Description | Give your campaign an optional description.
    • Calendar Color | Assign a color to your campaign from the color picker.
    • Deployment Date | Assign a date when you campaign starts.
    • Campaign Owner | Designate a person in charge of the campaign.
    • Campaign Code | Add an optional unique code to identify the campaign in reporting. This can’t be automatically generated or enforced at a system level.
    • Tags | Add tags to the campaign for organization and tracking

Click the blue Create button.


Associate Email to Campaign

  • Within Email Studio, navigate to Edit Email. You should be on the first tab, Properties.
  • Click Add in the Campaigns section


  • In the pop-up, select the Campaign you want the email associated with.
  • Select the blue Save & Continue button in the bottom right.