Cvent offers integration with a number of additional platforms, but what is possible within eComm's processes and procedures? Learn more before you make any promises.
March Provisioning, Q1 Email Preference Requests Complete, IER Archival Process, Updates on Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
Next Team Meeting, February Last Login Audit, Subscriber Reactivation for Transactional Communications, Email Preference Center Feedback, Cvent Portal, CAN-SPAM Refresher, Cvent Classic Sunset, Updates on Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
Collecting money through Cvent? Follow four easy steps when setting up paid events to ensure transactions go through and the money comes back to you.
Those of you who have created events in Cvent before might notice a slight change to the process starting Feb. 15 2021. Events must be created using a pre-existing template or event, rather than from scratch.
February Provisioning, Cvent Classic Sunsetting, Employment Action Discrepancy, Updates on Outstanding Issues, New/Updated Wikis, Ongoing Data Monitoring
Your Cvent access aligns with your role and the additional products your group may have purchased.