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Cvent Quarterly Updates

Cvent rolls out updates every quarter. Find a summary of updates that impact eComm along with a link to the full release notes.

Spring 2024

Cvent Express Sunsetting 

  • September 30 | All created/launched Express events must be complete.
  • September 30 - December 31 | Completed Express events will remain available for post-event wrap-up.
  • December 31 & beyond | All Express events will be archived. 

Event Registration, Surveys, Access Portal

Custom Widgets

  • With permissions for Custom Widgets, account users can upload files with code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in Admin to create and manage custom widgets for their account that can be reused across events and solve for unique use cases. (Permissions are required for the user to do this)


  • Users can now add UTM parameters in Cvent for Cvent Event Weblinks for traceability and visibility. Edit existing Weblinks or create new ones to add UTM parameters manually or via copying/pasting a query string. 
  • Updated the look of the Weblinks page for a better user experience.


  • Answer Import: Planners using Event & Assessment Surveys for evaluation can now import answers to the questions on behalf of attendees. Allows planners to add attendees' answers if they have submitted responses in physical format or through a 3rd party application.

Access Portal Report Templates

  • New Admin Reports Available for Access Portal: Login Audit Report tracks Access Portal user's login frequency and timing. Email History Report provides data on outgoing Access Portal emails.

Attendee Hub, Onsite Solutions

Attendee Hub

  • Expanded video options in the event app to provide more engaging experiences
  • Added Session Guide to simplify complex agendas.
  • Redesigned the All Sessions list. Easier to read, full session name visible, and the ability for the attendee to quickly add sessions to their schedule.

Onsite Solutions

  • Custom messaging available for OnArrival Android matches the OnArrival iOS feature released earlier in 2023.
  • OnArrival Badge Designer allows planners the ability to add background images for badges.

Spring 24' Full Release Notes


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