How-To Manage Reports in the Portals

One of the eComm specialist’s roles in Cvent includes managing how stakeholders can access Cvent data in real-time, without a steep cost. Follow the steps below to create Portal Users and Publish Reports there for easy access. 

STEP 1 | Add User(s) to Portal

For someone to access reports via the portal, they will need to be a Portal User (a free license). eComm specialists can follow the next steps to create new Portal Users or check if they already exist. 

  • Admin >> Hover the Access Portal tab >> Select Access Portals >> Click the University of Colorado Cvent Portal name

Access CU Cvent Portal

  • Click the Guests tab >> Select the green Add Guests button in the top-right 
  • Select the blue Create Portal User button in the top-right. 

Create Portal User

  • Check the box next to the User(s) you want to add to the Portal
  • Next, select the green Next button in the top-right
    • An invite is automatically sent when added so they can create their own password. Once a passwrod is set, they will be an Active Portal User (meaning you can complete step 3 - granting them access to a specific Report).
  • Provide Email, First Name and Last Name >> Scroll to select the Save button


STEP 2 | Create Report

Create Event or Cross-Event Report and Save Report per naming convention

  • Naming Convention: 0X_DEPT_Event Name_Report Description
    • where X indicates your campus number

  • Edit Visibility | if you wish to share with an active user while they are logged into Cvent (versus the Portal). 
  • To successfully share an Event Report with a licensed user the Event and the Event Report need to be shared. 
Content Here

STEP 3 | Publish to Portal

Once you have a saved Report (per the naming convention in step 2) you can publish it to the portal and control who has access and how they'll be notified of the newly available report(s).

  • After saving and running the Report, hover Actions in the top-right
  • Click Publish to Access Portal

Publish to Access Portal

  • Keep Default Visible to: Some Users
    • NEVER share a Report with all users
  • Notify users they can view this content: It depends
    • Yes if newly added Portal Users should get a notice via Cvent (see email screenshot to right where green indicates fields that will populate automatically)
    • No if you want to notify the person differently
  • Change filter dropdown to: Access Portal User
  • Check the box next to the correct individuals
    • *If you do not see a portal user here, it means they are not active, yet. You might need to re-trigger the invite so they can set their PW (once set, they are an active Portal User and can be selected). 
  • Click the green Publish button at the bottom of the page

Publish to Access Portal Part 2