Cvent Reporting

Navigating to Reporting in Cvent varies slightly depending on the type of event you've created. After that - running, customizing and saving a Report behaves the same, regardless of the event type.

Trying to get your Report Published to the Portal?

Don't forget to share the Report Visibility with your eComm specialist. Otherwise the eComm specialist will not be able to view the saved Report or Publish it to the Portal. Learn more about the Portal.

  • In the left navigation, click Reports after expanding the Reporting section


  • Click Reports tab


Cross Event Reports allow users to unify data from numerous events, bringing efficiency.

  • Hover More in the top >> Select Cross Event Reports in the dropdown


eComm Hosted Sessions


Sometimes Reports can take a long time to run. Whether you are getting logged out or you just don't have the patience, queue the Report and access it when it's ready. 

  • When the Report is running, select the option below the spinning wheel to Queue Report.


  • Find the queued report in the Snapshots tab
  • View the report. Remember the data reflects when the report was queued, not when it is viewed.
    • Once viewing the report, users can export and filter as usual.
  • Delete a view by clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of the View button


  • Portal Users do not have the same ability to queue reports.