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Create Cvent Events from Pre-Existing Template or Event, Feb 2021 Update

Those of you who have created events in Cvent before might notice a slight change to the process starting Feb. 26 2021. Events must be created using a pre-existing template or event, rather than from 'scratch'.

  • Login to Cvent
  • Select the green Create Event button (top-right)
  • The Create: Using an event template radio button is selected by default
    • Clone an event you have made before by switching the radio button to Using an existing event 
  • Click the ellipsis next to Template box

Already created a Flex or Express Event?

Choose the second radio button to Create using an existing event. You'll be able to clone a previous event and modify some key details to get to a finalized product quickly.


  • In the pop-up Select the template you wish to clone
    • Flex Templates are for more complex events (if you have sessions or someone registering with additional guests)
    • Express Templates are for simple events, where you really just need an event head-count
    • Classic Templates

Why the change? This update is one of many steps around the 2021 transition away from Classic events. By cloning pre-existing templates and events, users can be more efficient and consistent.