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Cvent Integration with Platforms other than Salesforce

Cvent is one of the most competitive platforms in the event management industry, and as such, it provides opportunities for integration with a variety of platforms. While that's great news for event planners throughout the global industry, there are some caveats at CU in regard to building integrations with other platforms.

Existing Integration

eComm's Cvent users already benefit from a robust Salesforce integration that allows them to capture key event data and then use it to build audiences for future marketing efforts, report on event successes, identify future strategies, etc. You can learn more in the post "How does the Cvent-Salesforce integration work?"

This integration is possible because CU's Information Security team completed a thorough vetting of Cvent's data privacy and security standards as part of our vendor selection process. While there are many event management applications in this technological space, most don't meet CU's requirements

New Integrations

As you learn more about Cvent or talk with your colleagues about what it offers, you may wonder if additional integrations as possible, whether from other event tools to Cvent or from other event tools to Salesforce. While new integrations are technically possible to explore, they are currently not supported for the reasons below.

  1. CU Information Security

    As mentioned above, CU's Information Security team completes thorough vetting of each application CU purchases to ensure that data privacy and security standards meet CU's stringent requirements. This process benefits you, your constituents, and CU as a whole, particularly as data privacy and security standards grow in importance (and rapidly change) on a global scale.

    Any proposed integration must be vetted before we move forward. 
  2. CU-Wide Benefit

    While creating a new integration may seem as simple as a few clicks, the underlying implications are actually much more complex. Since Cvent is integrated with Salesforce, there are a number of considerations at play for any new integration including but not limited to how data would be stored and how it would move between systems. There is a substantial amount of work involved in any integration for both creating and maintaining it, and CRM leadership needs to vet these requests before they are approved.

    In addition to the work required, we also want to determine if the integration has a benefit to CU's enterprise, or, in other words, if all campuses and users need/want a new integration. As efforts continue to establishing a communication and CRM approach that is multi-campus focused, one-off requests can't be honored without additional investigation and collaboration. 

Need more information?

If you'd like to learn more about integration and the requirements associated with it, please contact your eComm specialist for more information.