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Manage Campaign Members

Does a contact need to start (or stop) receiving a communication of yours?

  1. If your Report or Data Extension is based on a Salesforce Campaign, users can manage Campaign Members and create new Contacts when needed.
  2. Those audience changes will be reflected the next time the corresponding Report is sent to or Data Extension is started.

It's a great way for users to continually manage small changes to an audience, without involving an eComm specialist.

NOTE When sending your email, you should be sending to either reports or data extensions. Sending to a campaign will result in a CAN-SPAM violation. For this reason (among others) eComm specialists are responsible for initially creating Campaigns and converting them to a Report or Data Extension as needed.

Find Campaign

Managing Campaign Members is easy, once you figure out what Campaign is linked to your Report/Data Extension. For some this will be straightforward and others more convoluted - either way there are tricks to find the correct Salesforce Campaign. Your eComm specialist can also provide these details to you.

Salesforce Campaigns are always converted to Salesforce Reports and then may or may not be created in Marketing Cloud as a Data Extension, which can make finding the correct Campaign more difficult. There are numerous ways to find your Salesforce Campaign.

You may be able to easily find the Campaigns associated to the Report/Data Extension you use with a quick search in Salesforce. It could be clear as day which Campaign you should use, but if there is any confusion it is worth going through the steps below to 'back into the answer' by looking at the Report/Data Extension.

  • 0:00 | View All Campaigns
  • 0:40 | Search
  • 1:12 | Use Report/Data Extension to find Campaign ID

Data Extension

  • Open the Data Extension (Marketing Cloud >> Email Studio >> Import >> select name) to find the Report name and/or Report ID.



Open Report (two options)

Report Filters

  • Find a filter with 'Campaign ID' or 'Campaign Name' in the Report*


*If this line doesn't exist in your Report, it's not based on a Campaign and therefore you cannot add/remove Campaign Members. You can however ask your eComm specialist for a Report based on a Campaign so you can make small audience changes. You would send emails to two Reports/Data Extensions .


Add Campaign Members

Add from Contact

  • Search the name in the top, Global Search
  • Click the Contact’s Name
    • Oftentimes, numerous Contacts are presented. You may need to open numerous Contacts and view their information to confirm it’s the right person.


  • Navigate to the Related tab
  • Hover Campaign History
  • The Campaign History pop-up will appear. Click the Add to Campaign button


  • Search the name in the top, Global Search
  • If the sole Contact is presented, you can hover Campaign History on the right.
  • The Campaign History pop-up will appear. Click the Add to Campaign button


  • Choose a Campaign
  • Click the blue Next button


  • The Status will automatically be set to a default but can be changed.
    • If you are not sure what the Status should be, leave it as 'Sent'
  • Click the blue Save button


Add from Campaign

  • Open the Campaign you want to add individuals to
    • If you know the campaign name (or part of it) you can search at the top
  • Select the Related tab
  • Click Add Contacts on the top right


Remember the email address column seen above may or may not be the email address your email is actually targetting. Learn more at 4:11 of the video above.

  • Use the Search function to lookup a contact
  • Select the Contact(s) you wish to add to the Campaign
  • Click Next


  • Select the appropriate Campaign Member Status 
    • If you are not sure what the status should be, leave it as ‘Sent’
  • Save by clicking Submit on the bottom right


Remove Campaign Members

  • Open the Campaign you want to remove individuals from
    • If you know the campaign name (or part of it) you can search at the top
  • Select the Related tab
  • Under the list of Campaign Members, select View All


  • Check the box next to the name of those you want to remove
  • Click the Remove button in the top right


  • Click the blue Remove button in the pop-up to confirm this action.


Add New Contacts

Unable to find a contact in Salesforce to add to a Campaign? When this occurs, the Contact needs to be created first.


  • Fillout the details below and when you 'Create New Contact' this page will refresh.
  • You can then find them in Salesforce and add them as a Campaign Member to your particular Campaign with the instructions above. It could take up to 2 minutes for the new Contact to appear in Salesforce.


  • Provide a real First Name and Last Name when possible; otherwise, leave the pre-populated text where First Name is Friend and Last Name is of CU
  • New contacts should not have an email with a university domain (,,,,,, etc). Contacts with a good email containing a university domain should already exist in Salesforce.


  • If the email address is new to Salesforce, a new Contact will be created.
  • If the email address already exists in Salesforce, a new Contact will NOT be created.

NEVER create a new Contact directly in Salesforce. These incorrectly created Contacts will automatically be deleted, undoing your work. Instead, follow the instructions above.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own audiences from scratch?

  • No. New audiences will still need to be created by an eComm specialist with their turnaround times in mind. This is to ensure audience accuracy, including adhering to CAN-SPAM.

I can't find the Campaign my eComm specialist made, that's linked to my Report/Data Extension. Should I make a new one?

  • No. A new Campaign is considered a new audience. See above.

Can I make mass changes to a Campaign?

  • No. Mass changes to an existing Campaign will still need to be completed by an eComm specialist. The processes available to users are good for small changes (less than 20) but would be cumbersome for mass changes. 

Can I update Reports that are not based on a Campaign?

  • No. Any updates to a Report will need to be made by an eComm specialist.
  • No, but you could ask your eComm specialist for a Report based on a Campaign so you can make small audience changes. You would send emails to two Reports/Data Extensions .