Cvent | Additional Training

Checkout additional Flex training resources from eComm & Cvent.

Demo Flex Features | 20 min

Watch an in-depth demo on the main Cvent Flex enhancements.

3 Flex Best Practices | 9 min

These three new Flex features will bring about effeciency to your event creation.

Things You Can Do Better with Flex | 30 min

Flex is a re-envisioning of Cvent’s Event Registration. Join this session to learn about some of our favorite Flex features along with other new product enhancements and launches that are only available to Flex users.

Watch Webinar | 30 min


eComm Hosted Sessions | 120 min

In April 2021 eComm hosted four sessions on varying topics for Cvent Flex. These 30 min. recordings are intended for those who have already completed initial Cvent Flex training by creatiing your first event website and registration process.

Tips and Tricks from Real Cvent Customers | 25 min

Many of Cvent's Flex fans are finding new and creative ways of using Flex features! Hear firsthand from customers as they come together at Cvent CONNECT Virtual to share their favorite Flex tips and tricks.

Watch Webinar | 25 min


Flex Event Website Design 101 | 28 min

Websites are a major piece in planning and executing a successful event. From marketing and content to registration, an event website does it all. In this session, Cvent covers the basic principles of website design to help you create a beautiful, branded experience for your next event.

Watch Webinar | 28 min