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Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub

The Virtual Attendee Hub® is an integral part of Cvent's Platform, providing solutions to reliably and securely plan, promote, and drive engagement for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

  • Deliver live or pre-recorded video with Cvent Video Conferencing to support your collaborative sessions, virtual appointments, and virtual meetings rooms
  • Showcase a consistent, fully branded experience, from your event website to registration to the virtual experience itself
  • Have an included Event App to engage your audiences on any screen

See the Virtual Attendee Hub in Action


Virtual Attendee Hub®

Cvent's Virtual Attendee Hub® features provide a seamless constituent experience, from pre-registration to post-attendance. Deliver engaging content with embeded videos (pre-recorded or live), gamification, live Q&A, along with session chat. The benefits don't end there, with sponsorship support and analytics to gauge your event's success. 

Video Player

Cvent Video Player is a reliable and secure way to stream live or pre-recorded keynotes and presentations at your virtual or hybrid events. Better yet, it’s a solution that can scale to fit your needs and help you create the right video experience for your attendees. 

It’s best suited for:

  • Live Streams
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Simulcasting

Cvent Video Player Details

Video Conferencing

Bring a new level of interactivity into any virtual or hybrid event with video conferencing. From virtual appointments to collaborative sessions and exhibitor booth visits, reliably power the critical engagement points that ensure your attendees and sponsors get the most out of your virtual event.

It’s best suited for:

  • Collaborative Sessions
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Virtual Appointments

Cvent Video Conferencing Details


Virtual Event 360 (Professional Services)

Cvent's Virtual Event 360 services provide additional support in planning and executing a successful virtual event. They will tailor an approach that best fits your needs to ensure your event is polished and professional. Some options include:

  • Project Management
    • Event Strategy
    • Event Build
  • Webcast Support
    • 'Know-Before-You-Go' Emails
    • Moderator Training
    • Session Monitoring (with live polling and Q&A)
    • Event Attendee & Technical Support
  • Video & Content Producation
    • Advanced Production
      • Production Strategy
      • Custom graphics and Overlays
    • Video Editing
      • Video and audio editing
      • Intros and outros







Timeline, Quote & Access

The exact amount of time that you’ll need will depend on factors like the solutions and features you’re implementing and the complexity of your event. We recommend that you plan for at least 5 weeks for Virtual Attendee Hub configuration after your event and registration has been built and launched, which typically takes 3-8 weeks. Your Cvent team will help you put together a more detailed timeline

STEP 1 | Contract with Cvent

Additional Cvent products come at a cost and need to be contracted directly with Cvent. For Virtual Attendee Hub, Cvent's put a roadmap together to cover some important differences between the onboarding process that comes standard with the Virtual Attendee Hub and the additional support that’s provided with our Virtual Event 360 Professional Services offering.

Submit a few details of your event and we will get you connected with Cvent.

Request Cvent Add-On for Purchase



eComm Specialist Your eComm specialist will still be responsible for adding items to your account that are associated with a 'typical Cvent license', such as an event planner email address or portal users.

STEP 2 | Access & Build

After signing the contract with Cvent, they will assign dedicated resources. While you'll primarily work with Cvent to build-out features in preparation for your event, there are a few key components that will require eComm involvement.

Access You will need increased Cvent access if you purchased Abstract Management or Attendee Hub. Submit a help ticket.

eComm Specialist Your eComm specialist will still need to add items to your account, such as finance information or event approval (required).

STEP 3 | Prepare for Launch

There are a few components that will require CU's involvement for launch.


Cvent is one of the most competitive platforms in the event management industry, and as such, it provides opportunities for integration with a variety of platforms. While technically feasible, the risks of integrating eComm's instance of Cvent with other third-party applications do not outweigh the benefits. Learn more about why we don't integrate Cvent with other platforms.