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There are a few features within eComm's suite of tools that require help from an eComm specialist or others. Depending on the request, it takes 1 day - 2 weeks to get items added to your account.

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Request Audience Report or Campaign

Reports and dashboards offer an easy and efficient way to continually view and use data housed in Salesforce.

 Add New or Update Existing Contacts

Can't find someone is Salesforce? Let's add them. Did you receive an address update? Get the change into Salesforce.

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Marketing Cloud

 Request New From Information

Request to have your from information added to your business unit and it will be available to select for each send.

 Share an Email

Did someone else at CU send a message or invite that you want to share with your audience? Have the email shared.

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 Test & Report Users

It takes the CU System 1-3 days to add new test and report users to Cvent.

Finance Information (speedtype, account code & allocation code)

Add your department finance information to securely collect payments during registration.

Contact Types

Contact Types - added by your eComm specialist at the org level - can be used to create registration types and tracks.

 Event Planner Email Address

Users can select the appropriate event planner email address while configuring an event after it's been added to Cvent.

 Event Approval

All events must be approved by an eComm specialist. Submit your event for approval 1-3 days before desired launch.

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