Support Model

Are you an eComm specialist and not sure how to complete a task or if you even have access to do so? Learn about roles & responsibilities along with how-tos on all eComm related tasks.

eComm Support Diagram


Responsible Party at System

eComm specialists do not have access to complete all tasks and need to be escalated to the System office. Here's how:

Jennifer Mortensen | Program Director

  • Cvent
    • Add Financial Information (SpeedType, Account Code, Allocation Code)
  • General
    • Billing Questions
  • Marketing Cloud
    • Subscriber Re-Activation

Melanie Jones | Training Manager

  • Cvent
    • Delete Events
  • General
    • Onboarding
    • License Changes
      • Marketing Cloud | Business Unit's & Access to Send (quiz completion required)
      • Salesforce | Public Groups
    • Group Training
    • Website Content Updates
    • Newsletter Content/Ideas

Daniella | Salesforce Admin

  • Salesforce
    • Data Chance Requests (DCR) Questions
    • Temporarily Update Email Address (must update in source system for long-term update)
    • Licenses: Public Group Changes

Access Levels & How-To Tutorials

Checkout the most up-to-date access level documents for the eComm suite of tools complete with how-to's for all eComm processes. 

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