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Cvent | How to setup payment information

IMPORTANT Users cannot add new financial information to Cvent. They must submit a request for new details to be added to Cvent via their eComm Specialist. eComm Specialists please submit a ticket to System eComm to complete this action.

1. Setup Custom Event Fields

The custom event fields ensure money collected in Cvent will make its way back to event planners. To do this, we need your department's SpeedType and Account Code added to Cvent (via an eComm specialist). These details can then be added to your specific event during the initial event creation process or edited after:

  • Under General >> Event Information >> Custom Fields tab
  • Click the blue Edit button in the top right corner if you need to make changes.
  • If collecting money, select CU Cvent OR CU Foundation Cvent.
  • If you selected CU Cvent, choose your department's SpeedType and Account Code. If you selected CU Foundation Cvent, choose your department's Designation Code (Allocation Fund # was retired in Summer 2023 with the launch of CU Ascend).
  • Save these details with the blue button in the top right corner.


2. Configure Registration Settings

  • Expand Registration >> Click Registration Settings
  • Scroll to the Pricing section >> select the pencil icon


  • Do you need pricing? Yes
  • Merchant Account = CU Cvent OR CU Foundation Cvent if collecting payment. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the merchant account you choose in this section matches the merchant account you selected in step one.
  • Allowed Payment Methods: All checked


3. Set Pricing (including Refunds & Discounts)

  • Expand Registration >> select Pricing
  • Click the blue Edit button in the top right to add a price
    • You can add a refund policy or early bird pricing once the price is set
  • Navigate to the Discounts tab if giving discounted admission


4. Add Payment Widget

  • Navigate to Website >> Event Website
  • Select the blue Open Site Designer button
  • In the top left, click Summary in the top left to open the page navigation. Scroll and select the Personal Information page


  • Drag the Payment widget into the Personal Information page (or the last page of your registration process)


  • You can enable/disable Offline/Other as a payment method by using the panel on the right (when the Payment widget is selected)
  • Don't forget to Save or Publish


Optional Donations

Only designated Cvent fundraising event forms are permitted to collect optional donations. Event planners hosting non-fundraising events who want to encourage optional donations from event registrants should provide a link to the associated fund page on the CU Foundation giving site.