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Cvent Accounting Quick List

When collecting registration payments in Cvent, you'll be working with two different accounting systems depending on the type of event you are hosting: University of Colorado accounting or CU Foundation accounting. Each of these systems handles payments in different ways, so it's important to understand the differences between the accounting terms (speedtype, account code, designation code) associated with each.

eComm Tip

If you are hosting a fundraising event, you MUST work with Karen Ichiba in the Office of the University Controller and follow the fundraising event guidelines.
  • Use the CU Internet Merchant Account (IMA)
  • Use a speedtype
  • Acts like a bank account for a unit's funds
  • Are specific to a unit and campus
  • Format: eight digits (first digit = campus number, second two digits = fund type, last five digits = routing number to unit)
  • Speedtypes must be associated with a corresponding account code to document the type of expense being recorded or revenue collected.
    • Fund 10, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36 speedtypes should not be used for Cvent events.
    • Funds 20 and 29 are most typically used in Cvent. Reach out to the campus controller accounting teams for guidance on Fund 80s as each campus has a different experience with this fund.
  • Use an account code (six digits)
    • Acts as a line item within a speedtype to group similar types of expenses
    • Examples: office supplies, general revenue, travel, conference registration, etc.
    • Are shared throughout the CU System
  • Do not use a designation code (these are for CU Foundation accounting only)
  • Use the CU Foundation Merchant Account (IMA)
  • Use a designation code
    • Acts as a repository for funds collected via fundraising or donations from CU constituents
    • Most are linked to CU speedtypes (outside Cvent) in order to distribute funds (for example, to scholarship payments).
      • The gift fund set-up (GFS) process is initiated by the CUF (campus dept/org unit should work with an Advancement liaison) and once CUF has established a designation code, they will contact/request the respective Campus Controller’s Office for a speedtype to be linked to the designation code. New standalone fund 34 ST requests can use the Gift Fund form.
  • Do not use a speedtype in Cvent (these are for CU accounting only)
  • Do not use an account code in Cvent (these are for CU accounting only)