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Cvent | Meet the Cvent Check-In App

OnArrival App
Check out a better way to check in by downloading Cven’t mobile app, OnArrival. Compatible with all iOS devices (8.0 and higher), Cvent’s mobile app makes tracking attendance as easy as a swipe of the finger. Data automatically syncs with Cvent every 15 minutes.

You can search through your attendee list by name or email, filter by registration type, or scan a barcode. Need to know their agenda or how they answered a registration question? Tap the invitee’s name, then the eyeball icon. Register walk-ins on the spot.



For paid events, you cannot use OnArrival to process credit card transactions.

It is not PCI compliant to collect call-in, mail-in or walk-up (eg; at an event) credit card transactions via a CU-owned device (computer, laptop, device, etc.). Learn more about PCI and how to ensure you are compliant at

Not going to have reliable Wi-Fi onsite? Checking in works offline as well. Just login and select your event online before reaching the venue. Once you've returned to the comfort of your connection, open the app and your data will sync automatically.

Best of all, OnArrival is free for Event Management users.

ONARRIVAL PREMIUM CU's Cvent contract contains access to OnArrival Basic ONLY. If you are interested in purchasing OnArrival Premium to accomodate for session check-in and kiosk mode, contact your eComm Specialist.