Cvent Add-Ons for Purchase


  • Cvent add-ons are only available to actively licensed Cvent users. If you don't have a license, you'll need to request access.
  • Before purchasing anything outside of what's listed below, make sure it's approved by eComm. Not all Cvent features can be enabled. 

eComm's Cvent license is great for supporting event planners at numerous stages of the event life-cycle. That said, more robust components of Cvent exist that are not included with a typical license. The good news is, since Cvent is already an approved vendor, you can contract directly with them to procure additional products, such as:

  • OnArrival Premium if you need day-of-event support
  • Abstract Management to support an involved, multi-step submission form with built-in workflows
  • Attendee Hub, a virtual event solution
  • Premium Surveys for more robust surveying

User Process

STEP 1 | Contract with Cvent

Additional Cvent products come at a cost and need to be contracted directly with Cvent. Their team will work with you to understand your needs, identify the scope of work and present associated costs. After signing the contract, Cvent will continue to be your primary support for configuring these add-ons. 

eComm Specialist Your eComm specialist will still be responsible for adding items to your account that are assocated with a 'typical license', such as adding an event planner email address or portal users.

Want a general quote to see if it makes sense to start a conversation with Cvent? Submit a few details and we'll get back to you with an anticipated cost and connect you with Cvent.

Request Cvent Add-Ons for Purchase


STEP 2 | Access & Build

After signing the contract with Cvent, they will assign dedicated resources. While you'll primarily work with Cvent to build-out features in preparation for your event, there are a few key components that will require eComm involvement.

Access You will need increased Cvent access if you purchased Abstract Management, Attendee Hub, or Premium Surveys, etc. Submit a help ticket and provide relevant usernames.

eComm Specialist Your eComm specialist will still need to add items to your account, such as finance information or event approval (required).

STEP 3 | Prepare for Launch

There are a few components that will require CU's involvement.

  1. Your eComm specialist will need to approve your event.
  2. If you purchased certain products, the CU System office will need to integrate your add-on with your event. Submit a help ticket including the event code. This is relevant for:
    • CrowdCompass
    • Attendee Hub


Cvent is one of the most competitive platforms in the event management industry, and as such, it provides opportunities for integration with a variety of platforms. While technically feasible, the risks of integrating eComm's instance of Cvent with other third-party applications do not outweigh the benefits. Learn more about why we don't integrate Cvent with other platforms.