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Cvent | CrowdCompass

With Cvent CrowdCompass, you can easily create an Event App to keep your attendees informed, empower your sponsors and exhibitors, and measure engagement in real time for you and your stakeholders.

REQUIRED If your event is less than 3 months away, CrowdCompass will not be available. 

Cvent CrowdCompass App


4-5 Months

Start app contract with CrowdCompass

CrowdCompass apps are purchased at the unit level per event. This is separate from a Cvent license with associated costs around $4800. Discounts may be provided for multi-year contracts.

Get started with CrowdCompass

Familiarize yourself with the process. Read the App Map for a thorough review of what's necessary to get an app up and running.

Take training and fill out the Event Set Up form so you're ready to have your Mobile App Set Up Call with your Cvent CrowdCompass expert.

Getting Started with CrowdCompass


Begin creating your Cvent Event

Your Cvent Event must be created and approved before you begin building your CrowdCompass app.

3 Months

Begin building CrowdCompass App

Now that your Cvent CrowdCompass expert has been assigned to you and your Cvent Event is approved, you can start building your app. 

TESTING Cvent's recommendation is to build and test in continuous iterations.

2 Months

Begin Promoting CrowdCompass App

Start promoting your event app 60 days before the event and continue as it approaches.

1 Month or Less

Finalize CrowdCompass App

Ensure multiple people in your team have completed thorough testing to avoid hiccups the day of your event.

Don't forget your eComm specialist will need to approve your event. Submit a help ticket for the CU System office to integrate CrowdCompass with the event.