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Learn what to do if you're logging into Marketing Cloud, asked to verify your identity via a code sent to your email, but never receive a message.
August Provisioning Underway, Reminder: Cvent Portal Tasks, Updates on Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
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Does a contact need to start receiving a communication of yours? If your Report or Data Extension is based on a Salesforce Campaign, users can add and remove individuals from the Campaign themselves. The next time you send to your Report or re-start your Data Extension, those changes will be reflected. It's a great way to manage your audience on your own, without involving an eComm specialist.
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Learn how UCCS used eComm to target students for pandemic-related financial assistance.
Learn how the UCCS Alumni Association increased open rates with A/B testing.
Marketing Cloud Send Delays to CU and UCCS Domains, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, Missing IERs, Missing Business Units, Ongoing Data Monitoring
While Cvent has a feature to "process payment at a later time," we never want to enable it. Collecting credit card information to process at a later time doesn't align with CU's approach to protecting cardholders and it should not be enabled under any circumstances. The good news is, by default, this setting is disabled across all events and most users remain unaware of this functionality. Follow these instructions to confirm your paid event doesn't have this feature enabled.