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Subscribers and Subscriber Status

NOTE Parts of the tasks below require the assistance of an eComm Specialist, indicated by an *.

Marketing Cloud subscribers can have multiple statuses that aren't viewable in Salesforce. Each of these can impact their ability to receive communications - even transactional ones. If one of your contacts is not receiving emails as expected, Marketing Cloud subscriber status might be to blame.

Viewing a Marketing Cloud Subscriber

1. To view a subscriber's status in Marketing Cloud, navigate to the parent business unit (University of Colorado System Enterprise Org)*. Once there, click the Subscribers menu and then select All Subscribers.

Note: In some rare instances, a subscriber may be a green shirt in the parent business unit and not the child. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the child business unit.

2. On the All Subscribers screen, click Search. You'll have two options by which to search for a subscriber: email address or subscriber key (Salesforce Contact 18 ID). We recommend searching by Subscriber Key.

3. When your results appear, you should see one subscriber associated with the subscriber key that you used to search.

Subscriber Search Results

Subscriber Status

The subscriber status in Marketing Cloud is indicated by the shirt color of the icon to the left of the subscriber's email address (a green shirt in the example above). The available statuses in Marketing Cloud are as follows:

  • Green shirt: able to receive emails with no issues
  • Yellow shirt: unable to receive emails due to bounced sends
  • Red shirt: unable to receive emails due to an unsubscribe
  • Gray shirt: deactivated due to repeated bounces

Subscriber Status and Salesforce Behavior

Email recipients can unsubscribe from communications in many ways. Depending on the approach they take, the Subscriber status in Marketing Cloud and the Contact's details in Salesforce might look a certain way. For example, what occurs when a recipient opts out via the 'Manage my Preferences' link in the footer versus responding with the subject line 'Unsubscribe'?

Changing Subscriber Status*

  • If you come across any subscribers with any status other than a green shirt, submit a help ticket to the System eComm Team (select Tell us what you need help with: Marketing Cloud >> Resubscribe Contact).
  • Note: Yellow and Gray shirt colors will be reverted back to Green if the recipient engages with an email (opens or clicks).