Testing might be the most important step when creating your communications and events. Make sure your constituent experience is flawless by having your team test before the official send.
Not sure what can be accomplished with the eComm suite of tools? Learn about the most common features used at CU.
See below for details on when you need to contact your eComm specialist when using the eComm tools.
We are thrilled to announce our new training program and website release! Thanks to everyone who was able to join us. It was great to hear feedback on which topics to cover in future trainings. Couldn't make it? Don't worry - you can find details on all the information we covered here.
Understanding the difference between commercial and transactional emails helps your message get delivered and read. Plus, it's the law.
Need to see it in action? From designing your site to sending emails, this video series will walk you through the entirety of setting up an express registration or express ticketing event.
Here are the highlights for the releases and enhancements that were made in the last quarter and are available today. Additional release details can be found in the Cvent Community. Read more >>
New to Cvent? Checkout this video to learn how to create and send post-registration communications to your registrants via Cvent.
Collecting money through your Cvent form? Learn how to setup yourr payment information to ensure the money goes to the correct account.
You scheduled your post-registration message through Cvent, but how do you know your audience recieved it? Run the Email Rates by Email report to ensure your emails were received and read.