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Cvent | Welcome to the New User Experience!

Cvent's new design experience updates the look and feel of almost all their core products. By unifying the visuals and navigation across the applications, it is meant to make Cvent products easier to learn and use. The accompanying design standards also help Cvent develop and release new features faster.

New User Experience Video | 15 min


Timeline & Access

Until the beginning of December 2021, users have the option to switch to the New User Experience and back as desired. In Cvent, click the Try Now button in the top, gray banner.

After December 2021, the New User Experience will automatically be enabled in all user accounts and 'switching back' will not be an option. 


Homescreen Navigation

Once switched to the new user experience, you'll notice a different look with a lighter color scheme. For the most part, the location of different actions has remained the same.

Four common actions that are still located in the top right include:

  • Search | Click the magnifying glass icon to search for events.
  • Recent Items | Click the paper with a timer icon to quickly access events you recently viewed.
  • Help & Support | Click the question mark icon to access Cvent's Knowledge Base.
  • User Utilities | Click the profile icon to log out.


Event Navigation

Once you open an event, you'll notice the biggest difference of the new user experience; the left side, vertical navigation. Let's review some key areas:

  1. Event Information | For your basic event details, such as: event title, start/end date, event planner, etc.
  2. Event Configuration | For enabling additional event features, like: guests, sessions, speakers, social media, etc.
  3. Event Status | For requesting event approval from your eComm specialist.
  4. Event Settings | For sharing your event with other Cvent users.


Website & Registration

You can open the Site Designer to customize your website and registration process in two ways. In the left navigation, either:

  • Click Event Website after expanding the Website section.
  • Click Registration Process after expanding the Registration section.

Each path will present you with a blue button to Open Site Designer.


Marketing & Email
  • Weblinks can be found after expanding the Marketing section. Learn more about Weblinks.
  • Event Emails are found after expanding the Email section.



Attendees & Reports