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Cvent | Registrant Management

You've launched your event and starting promoting it; naturally, there might be some management of invitees to occur. Cvent makes things easy - from registering someone or initiating a refund.

2021 New User Experience

Navigate to your event:

  • Expand Attendees on the left side navigation
  • Select Attendee List lister under Attendees
  • The new page will display all registrants to view.


Modify Registration
  • Find the name of the registrant you need to modify.
  • Hover the arrow to the right of their name
  • Click the action in the dropdown: 
    • Edit Contact Information to change a registrants first name, last name or email.
    • Modify Registration to change someones selection - like their meal preference or guest's name.
    • Substitute Registrant - most commonly used for non-refundable events.
    • Mark as Event Participant - just one method of many to take the valuable step of tracking participation.
    • Unregister a current registrant.
Register Someone
  • Click the blue Register Attendee button in the top right corner
  • Submit the registration
Invitee Management 101

Current User Experience

  • Navigate to your event
  • Hover Event Details in the top navigatio
  • Click the green Save button in the top-right corner
Invitee Management 101