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CU Branded Event Templates

As more users join CU's eComm program, adherence to our brand standards continues to be a priority. CU's brand guidelines increase the effectiveness of event engagement with every audience including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors.

1 | View Templates

To highlight the design diversity possible with CU's brand standards, the eComm team is excited to introduce a variety of CU branded templates that are available to all eComm Cvent users.

View All Available Email Templates

Previewing two of six available templates below.

1-Pager Cvent Flex Template
Template: Flex Event in Black with Repeatable Background


2 | Access Templates

Once you have found a template you want to start with, create your event in Cvent by cloning the template then customizing. 

  • Log into Cvent and click the blue Create Event button in the top right


  • The radio button to Create: Using an event template will be selected by default
  • Select the elipsis (...) button next to the Template box


  • In the pop-up, select an available template to customize 


  1. Log into Cvent and click the big green Create button in the top right area.
  2. The radio button to Create: Using an event template will be selected by default
  3. Select the elipsis (3 dots) next to the Template box
  4. In the pop-up, select an available template to customize 
    • Not sure which to use? Learn the reasons for using a Flex versus an Express Template.