With a few memorable reference IDs, you can find out which registrants accessed registration through your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or a sponsor's website. Use them to maximize your promotion efforts.
Popularity is such a burden. Luckily, you have Cvent. Should your event close (due to reaching capacity or the registration deadline passing) and invitees still want to come, the Waitlist page will appear when they attempt to register. Take the time to customize this page to guarantee you're getting the data you need and providing the right instructions.
Not a code guru? Don't sweat it. Cvent's HTML Editor is a WYSIWIG. The term may sound like a second-string Star Wars character, but it's actually an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get." That means content displayed while editing closely corresponds to how it will appear on the related page or email.
You know what they say about the internet: once something's on there, it's on there for-ev-er. All the more reason to double-check your settings before launch. Choose to make your event public during the Event Creation Wizard, and, once it's active, it will automatically display in search engines. Ensure that doesn't happen by following the steps below.
Learn about image standard sizes for your Cvent and Marketing Cloud campaigns.
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