Scheduled Processes & Audits

Checkout details on recurring CU processes such as obtaining licenses along with scheduled audits that will occur to ensure the platforms remain 'clean' and users are in compliance with the eComm user agreement.

Licenses & Provisioning | MONTHLY

User change requests should be submitted leading up to the first of the month, by an eComm specialist. See the exact dates for each month below:

  • May 30, 2019
  • June 27, 2019
  • July 30, 2019
  • Aug. 29, 2019
  • Sept. 27, 2019
  • Oct. 30, 2019
  • Nov. 28, 2019
  • Dec. 27, 2019

New User Onboarding | 12 Steps

Required Training Audit | QUARTERLY

September, December, March, June

Required Training Topic Application Access SkillSoft Id
Information Security and Privacy Awareness Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Cvent _scorm12_cu_u00063_0001
Family Education Requirement ans Privacy Act (FERPA) Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Cvent _scorm12_cu_u00049_0001​
IT Confidentiality Agreement Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Cvent _scorm12_cu_u00087_0001
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Cvent _scorm12_cu_u00162_0001

User Agreement Audits | QUARTERLY

October, January, April, July

As part of the eComm User Agreement, you:

Agree and acknowledge in the performance of my duties as an employee of the University of Colorado (CU), I have been granted limited rights to use a database created and maintained to build and maintain relationships with CU constituents. I further agree and acknowledge that all data is proprietary and confidential. I agree that I will hold data in strict confidence, will not disclose, export, reproduce, or otherwise distribute data to any third parties or service providers, and will use the data for the purposes specifically outlined in the eComm program. I will immediately report any violations of data security and confidentiality to an eComm Specialist and recognize that breaches of confidentiality will result in license revocation.

As part of the eComm User Agreement, you:

Understand that I must complete Data Security Training and PCI Training (for Cvent users only) every three years. I must adhere to the guidelines within those trainings at all times. I will not participate in or condone misuse of data or breaches of confidentiality, and any data breaches must be immediately reported to an eComm Specialist. I understand that sharing my license is never appropriate and that doing so will result in license revocation.

As part of the eComm User Agreement, you:

Understand that if I do not login and use the tool(s) within a nine month period, my license will be revoked.

As part of the eComm User Agreement, you:

Understand that I must comply with CAN-SPAM federal email legislation at all times and that I must honor user email preferences in order to adhere to federal law. If I violate CAN-SPAM once, I will be put on probationary monitoring in conjunction with an eComm Specialist, and if I violate CAN-SPAM three or more times, my license will be revoked.

As part of the eComm User Agreement, you:

Understand that New User Training will take roughly four hours to complete (two hours for Marketing Cloud and two hours for Cvent) and that I must complete it (if I have not already done so) in order to retain a license. I understand the importance of participating in ongoing deep dive training and in campus user groups to maintain my proficiency with eComm’s suite of tools.

Application Cleanup | MONTHLY

Delete Empty ‘New Folders’

  • We often see many empty 'New Folders' created by accident. Since everyone uses the same media library, we want to avoid unncessary clutter as much as possible. We'll delete empty, unnamed folders once a month.

Delete Events

  • Users do NOT have access to delete events. Instead, put 'DELETE' anywhere in your event title and it will be deleted on a monthly basis.

Unshare Events Shared with ALL Users

  • Users have access to share event visibility with other Cvent users. Share your events with those you are collaboarating with so everyone has access to the most up-to-date registrant details, easily trigger post-registration emails or pull reports.

Learn How-To Properly Share Events