You attended new user training. Now what?

You attended new user training and got the basics under your belt. Now it's time to meet with your eComm specialist. Together you can make sure you have everything you need to send your first email or launch an event.

Marketing Cloud

Access Audiences

  • Give you access to your audiences
  • Confirm the name of your included  & excluded audiences
  • Some audience lists are in the form of Data Extensions. You eComm specialist will give you the run down. 

From Information or Send Classification

  • Get as many Email Addresses and From Names as you wish!
  • Confirm that you will use the 'CU FOOTER FOR ALL EMAILS' for your sends

Template Help

  • Make sure your template/email looks good across all platforms.
  • Confirm the footer for your email is CAN-SPAM compliant with full contact information. 
  • Not sure if your email is brand compliant? Your eComm specialist can help with these questions.


Event Approval

  • All events MUST be approved by an eComm specialist. Submit your event for approval 1-3 days before desired launch.

Event Planner Email Address

  • Ask your eComm specialist to add your event planner(s) email address to Cvent. Once added, users can select the appropriate event planner email address while creating each event.

Finance Information

  • Collecting fees? You'll need to have your department's speedtype added to Cvent so the money collected can make it's way back to you.

Test & Report Users

  • Need others on your team to test your registration form before it's launched to the public? We can add as many test users as you wish.
  • Are you constantly being asked to pull reports on your event to share with others? We can create Report users to access the information they need, whenever they want. 


Watch recorded Salesforce training videos to learn how to leverage data to get the right message to the right audience. We encourage you to pause the video periodically and allow yourself time to put the material into practice.

Salesforce - Understanding Data View 15 mins
Salesforce - Navigating Salesforce View 20 mins
Salesforce - Reports & Campaigns View 10 mins