From discovering someone is the right fit for eComm to getting them comfortable with sending emails and creating events, it takes many steps. Dive into the workflow, associated timeframe and who's responsbile.
For new users starting out fresh, everything needs to be added to their account from scratch. When a new user is an addition or taking over for an existing unit, they'll need access to already existing content.
There are numerous fields on the License object that can help get a sense of your user.
Wondering how to best communicate with your unit's non-degree seeking students? Since this audience isn't captured in Salesforce, use this wiki to help plan your outreach.
Documentation of Emergency/Outage Procedures, Enabling Outage Notifications, Updated eComm Help Ticket, Cvent Offering Free Certification, Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring
Want to ensure that you receive product notifications such as those that are sent during unplanned outages? Learn how to configure your notifications in this wiki.
Subscriber Status & Communications, Some Internal Contacts not Receiving Transactional Communications, Troubleshooting Contacts not Receiving Emails, eComm License Projections for FY '21, New Wikis & Process Documentation, Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring
If you work at CU Boulder, there is a good chance you will be supported by different eComm specialists for different needs. Ask these two questions to find the group with the right expertise.
Check out a better way to check in by downloading Cvent's mobile app, OnArrival.
Team Updates, Subscriber Status & eComm Communications, Non Degree-Seeking Student Communications, Training Updates due to COVID-19, Incorrect Email Addresses in Advance, Update on Matriculation Field and Reporting, Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring