Use Marketing Cloud Content Builder to create dynamic content to deliver a targeted message to an audience while remaining efficient. Dynamic content lets you connect attributes of your audience to content, making the information your constituents receive more relevant.
Walk through the materials below to build your knowledge of how eComm approaches CAN-SPAM, the federal law that pertain to you as a communicator of CU. Confirm you understand the basics with a quick quiz.
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If you need to send communications to internal audiences (faculty, staff or students) you'll want it delivered to their campus email addresses (eg;,, or, To do so, you'll need to send to a Data Extension. Your eComm specialist will create the Data Extension but it's the sender's responsibility to re'Start' it before each send.
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Most communicators agree that email personalization leads to higher engagement rates among constituents. But what happens when first name personalization goes awry and we end up alienating the exact audience with whom we want to engage?
Ready to elevate your constituent's experience with your email? Consider using an attribute (such as preferred name) to personalize your communication.
After ensuring that preferred name personalization is possible given your population, Reports and Data Extensions need to be created (or updated) by an eComm specialist to contain the appropriate preferred name field in Salesforce.
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