Collaborative Communities

Interested in being part of a collaborative community devoted to eComm? Start by updating your Chatter Group(s) email frequency and you'll receive posts via email (i.e. all, daily or weekly). One group is devoted to Marketing Cloud & Salesforce and a second group is specifically for Cvent.

How you engage after that is completely up to you. Be a fly on the wall reading content and apply it when relevant or take it to the next level by voting in polls and liking or commenting on posts.

Collaborative Communities | How-To

Why join?

  • Provide feedback to the eComm team by voting on polls, liking posts and commenting.
  • Collaborate across CU with fellow eComm user's to share best practices, successes, lessons learned and more.
  • Get timely updates regarding available resources and events from CU and other industry leaders.

Help requests and questions will continue to be addressed between users and their eComm specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to join the Collaborative Community?
    • No, it's completly optional. If no action is taken eComm users will continue to recieve a monthly newsletter and other required messages (like an outage).
  • What if I join and start getting too many emails?
    • If you start feeling bombarded with emails you can always select a lighter frequency.
  • Who is invited to join the community?
    • All active users are welcome to join the community.