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eComm User Newsletter | January 2024

True or False There's no way to share Cvent Reports with unlicensed individuals. Scroll down for the answer.

General Updates

Marketing Cloud


  • Success Story | OnArrival: Check out resources from a Nov. 2023 presentation by Monica Cutler (CU Denver). She has helped her alumni/advancement team embrace Cvent's technology to enhance day-of-event processes for a better attendee experience. 
  • Special Characters in Event Title: As of December 2023, special characters can now be used in event titles. Previously, event titles containing special characters would cause issues with credit card payments, leading to reconciliation problems with and Wells Fargo. This resulted in failed payments, delays, and difficulties in issuing refunds. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.
  • Cvent Express is Sunsetting: While no timeline has been provided, we have been informed that Express events are to be sunset. That means all events will need to be created in the more robust Flex/Standard format. eComm users will be communicated with once Cvent provides a timeline and as it approaches. There is no need to take immediate action.


Featured Resources of the Month

Start 2024 off fresh by staying organized to boost productivity and efficiency.

Marketing Cloud and Salesforce

Do you find yourself taking two clicks every time you login to Marketing Cloud to navigate to Email Studio? Set your Default Login Preference to Email to avoid that step when logging in.

We know how cluttered your Marketing Cloud account can get if you are a frequent sender. Use Content Builder, Salesforce Send, Data Extension, and Tracking folders to stay organized.


Collaborating with someone else at CU on your events? Give other Cvent Users visibility to your event so they can modify registration, access reports, help manage invitees, clone it for a future event, and more.

Use the Media Library in Cvent to organize your images into folders.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Recordings available from training sessions that took place in November and December.

Text Block Tips | Nov. 28 - See wiki and view recording
Image Best Practices | Dec. 13, 3 PM - See wiki and view recording
Accessibility | Dec. 15, 10 AM - See wiki and view recording
Designing for Mobile | Dec. 19, 11 AM - See wiki and view recording

Be on the lookout for invites to these upcoming training sessions.

Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Send Emails | Jan. 17, 2:30-3 PM
Marketing Cloud, Folder Structure | Jan. 19, 11-11:30 AM
Cvent, Track Participation | Jan. 23, 2-2:45 PM
eComm Data Model | Jan. 25, 3-3:30 PM

Success Story

Have an eComm success story you'd like to share? Submit it here to be featured on the eComm website and in a future newsletter. We can help with expanding upon your success story. No need to submit a final version of a success story. Consider this a rough draft.

Share any impressive metrics, milestones, ways you've used data to optimize, or achievements that stand out. Your success story is a powerful testimony to the incredible results that can be achieved as a user of the eComm suite of tools.

New & Updated Resources

Answer: False The University of Colorado Cvent Portal makes Cvent Reports available to stakeholders via a secure login. These free licenses grant individuals access to specific Reports that can be viewed in real-time, filtered, and exported as needed.