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eComm User Newsletter | December 2023

True or False You can replace a link in a Marketing Cloud email that has already been sent. Scroll down for the answer.

General Updates

Marketing Cloud

  • Moving Content Blocks: Tree View is now available when creating an email to move content blocks around more easily. You'll find this option to the right of the 'Design' tab, then use the icon with eight dots on the left to drag-and-drop.
  • Organize With Folders: Sharing a Business Unit with other people? Be sure to select the correct tracking folder for your sends.
  • Restarting Data Extensions: Ensure successful Data Extension import before scheduling/sending your email. Sending during the import can lead to the email reaching an outdated — and smaller than expected — audience.


  • Container Widgets in Site Designer: Use container widgets in the Site Designer to hold other elements, move and customize them as one unit, arrange widgets in new ways, copy website sections, and keep widgets together during mobile view.
  • Code Widget in Email Designer: Enhance email design by adding custom code using code widgets. Both build mode widgets and custom code can now be used in the same email.
  • Basic Survey Weblinks: After creating a basic survey, navigate to Marketing > Weblinks to copy the survey weblink for your use. The ease of sharing surveys increases the likelihood for higher response rate from event attendees.
  • Question Library: Design surveys and assessments faster with the Question Library. Save time by easily adding and saving questions instead of creating each one manually. Reuse saved questions for standardization and consistency in future surveys.
  • Designation Codes for Fundraising Cvent Events: Designation Code replaced the Allocation Code for fundraising events with the launch of CU Ascend. You will still see the Allocation Code field in Cvent, however, this is only for fundraising events that launched prior to the launch of CU Ascend and will be phased out.

Featured Resources of the Month

As we approach the year-end, preparations for end-of-year reporting may be on your agenda. A variety of resources are available to assist in optimizing and simplifying your reporting processes.

Marketing Cloud and Salesforce

As an email marketer, depend on reliable metrics and use your own data as a benchmark to gauge performance, ensuring you meet goals and optimize as needed.

Utilize Marketing Cloud Tracking for instant, detailed insights into your email sends, including engagement and click activity. Easily export the data to PDF or Excel for seamless sharing.

Leverage Salesforce Dashboards for clear insights into Marketing Cloud email sends, enhancing your outreach analysis with comprehensive, quantifiable data.


Get the most out of your event reporting and insights with Cvent reporting.

The University of Colorado Cvent Portal offers secure access to Cvent Reports for stakeholders through free licenses. Users can view, filter, and export specific reports in real-time.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Mark your calendars. Invites to upcoming training sessions coming soon!

Text Block Tips | Nov. 28 - See wiki and view recording
Image Best Practices | Dec. 13, 3 PM 
Accessibility | Dec. 15, 10 AM 
Designing for Mobile | Dec. 19, 11 AM 

Success Story

Have an eComm success story you'd like to share? Submit it here to be featured on the eComm website and in a future newsletter.

Share any impressive metrics, milestones, or achievements that stand out. Your success story is a powerful testimony to the incredible results that can be achieved as a user of the eComm suite of tools.

New & Updated Resources


Answer: True You can update a broken or incorrect link in a Marketing Cloud email that has already been sent and it will automatically update in recipients' inboxes. Check out the Update a Broken Link wiki to learn more.