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MEC Weekly Digest | October 14, 2019

Data Inconsistency: Salesforce and Marketing Cloud

  • Issue: The System team identified several discrepancies between email send data in Salesforce and Marketing Cloud. (See INC0600399
    • Example 1: Email Send 00004561
      • Unique Opens in Salesforce: 3,575
      • Unique Opens in Marketing Cloud: 12,987
    • Example 2: Email Send 00002410
      • Unique Opens in Salesforce: -1,693 (note negative)
      • Unique Opens in Marketing Cloud: 23,623
    • Daniella Torres also identified several more examples in other business units.
  • Impact: These discrepancies affect the accuracies of dashboards we produce to measure effectiveness, and can also affect users who view email send data in Salesforce rater than in Marketing Cloud.
  • Solution: We have submitted a ticket to the COE and this issue is pending investigation.
  • Workaround: If you rely on dashboards for reporting purposes, please check their accuracy compared to data in Marketing Cloud. If your users access send data in Salesforce rather than in Marketing Cloud, please alert them about this issue.

 Campaign Discrepancy between Salesforce and Cvent

  • Issue: Tom Needy identified a discrepancy in registration statuses between a Salesforce Campaign and its associated Cvent event. 
  • Impact: Registration values such a "canceled" are not populating correctly in Salesforce from Cvent.
  • Solution: We have submitted a ticket to the COE (INC0600643) and the issue is pending investigation.
    • If you see this issue in your event campaigns, please alert us so we can add additional examples to the ticket.

 Business Units and Email Preferences

  • Issue: The volume of work required at the COE to create new business units and email preferences is substantial (roughly 18 hours per unit/preference) and not sustainable. 
  • Impact: Due to resource constraints, the COE is unable to add more business units and preferences. If you'd like to discuss options, contact Jennifer Mortensen.
  • Solution: The COE and System eComm team are meeting to brainstorm solutions that might improve this process. We will keep you informed.

Send Classification Issue from Migration

  • Issue: Andy Ruemenapp identified that some send classifications from MC01 did not migrate correctly to MC03 (this is in addition to the sender profile issues we have already corrected).
    • Example: some transactional send classifications have a transactional classification in the drop down menu although they still contain the CU Footer for All Emails.
  • Impact: From what we can determine, emails were sending correctly and there was no impact.
  • Solution: Devs United is conducting a review of all send classifications and is making corrections where needed. Advancement, Boulder, and UCCS classifications have already been reviewed and corrected where needed. We will let you know when work is complete and provide a summary of where changes were made.

Dashboards | Rolled out at System

  • Initial Roll-Out: We rolled out Dashboards to System users on Oct. 9 with great success. To prepare, we created a single Dashboard specific to each Marketing Cloud Business Unit with a monthly perspective in mind. 
  • Next Steps: Users will request changes to Dashboards via Daniella. We are also working through how to best present these analytics to leadership.
  • Examples:

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