3 Ways to Use Event Participation Data

When you launch your event, Cvent integrates with Salesforce to automatically share registrant participation information. With a quick check-in at the door, it's easy to track attendees vs. no-shows. Use this insightful, actionable data to make your next event even better!

View Data

  • When constituents call, quickly view their record in Salesforce to learn how they have engaged with events.
  • Target alumni in a specific geographic location area who have attended an event with help from your eComm specialist.

Exclude & Include

OnArrival App

  • Using the free app across multiple devices to check attendees in at the door is a breeze.
  • Search through your attendee list by name or email or scan a barcode to reduce wait time.
  • Make tracking attendance as easy as a swipe of the finger.

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