Communicate with Past Event Attendees

Targeting messages to past event attendees is a great way to build your relationship with your most engaged constituents. Placing your energy towards your most loyal attendees will have great return and provide you with valuable insights on how to turn more email 'acquaintances' into actual attendees.

So how would you get a Marketing Cloud email to past attendees? Ask your eComm specialist.

  • An Event Campaign is created in Salesforce when a Cvent form is launched. The Campaign serves as a bucket, where Campaign Members will be added to when they register for the event. 
  • Your eComm specialist can create a Report or Data Extension for you - that way you can target your audience and remain CAN-SPAM compliant when sending your Marketing Cloud message.

DO NOT At eComm, we do NOT send Marketing Cloud messages directly to Campaigns. While it is technically possible, it will likely create a CAN-SPAM violation. Your eComm specilaist converting a Campaign to a Report or a Data Extension will remedy those concerns.