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Cvent | Track Participation

Track attendance for your event or sessions by marking who showed up. With Cvent, you can mark them individually, import a list of participants all at once, or use OnArrival to mark participants onsite.

Success Story

This wiki dives into some technical components but many find it useful to take a step back to understand how feasible it is for them or their group to adopt and if so, what the short and long-term benefits are. Get inspired, and learn best practices, along with lessons learned from early adopters across CU. You can also learn more about the variety of ways this data can be used to make your events better


Mobile App

OnArrival is a better way to check attendees in. Available in the App Store and Google Play, Cvent's app makes tracking attendance as easy as a swipe of the finger. Data automatically syncs with Cvent every 10 minutes.

OnArrival App | Learn More


Numerous groups have already adopted OnArrival. Check out their examples of success for inspiration


Cvent users can log in to Cvent, navigate to their event's attendee list, and start marking registrant's participation.

Mark Participation (Desktop)


Registrant Checklist Alert

A Cvent user can setup registrant checklist alerts so someone will be emailed a list of registrants with the option to track who actually attended plus walk-ins.

Registrant Checklist Alert


Import File

Export a list of registrants, change their participant status in Excel, and import them back in bulk.

Although a Cvent user will need to import the Excel information back into Cvent, a registrant report can be created and shared with a free Portal user for them to export at any time. That way someone aside from the Cvent user can take ownership of this task on the day of the event.

Import Participants