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MEC Weekly Digest | October 7, 2019

Exporting Advance IDs from Marketing Cloud

  • Issue: Some MECs have been attempting to export send data from Marketing Cloud that includes each constituent's Advance ID. Advance IDs were not exporting for all constituents..
  • Impact: We opened a ticket with the COE to determine how to correct this issue. The only option was to do ongoing manual loads of subscribers that included an Advance ID column. It was determined that this is not feasible given list size.
  • Workaround: If MECs want to obtain Advance IDs for Marketing Cloud send data, they should build a report using IER data. (See sample).

Understanding Subscribers in Marketing Cloud

  • Issue: MECs have been asking questions about why the email address associated with subscribers in Marketing Cloud doesn't always match the email field in Salesforce.
  • Impact: MECs were asking for email address changes that were not needed based on how the Marketing Cloud subscriber table functions.
  • Solution: Melanie Jones documented the process for management of email addresses for Marketing Cloud subscribers in a new wiki, Salesforce Contacts & Marketing Cloud Subscribers.

Donations in Cvent 

  • Issue: Karen Ichiba reached out to Jennifer Mortensen because some non-fundraising event Cvent forms are still configured to accept donations.
  • Impact: The current Donations line/box on a Cvent form (CU IMA) requires the monies to be transferred out of a non-gift fund ST to a gift fund 34 ST.  This is a lot of work for the campus to (1) move the monies twice (out of Cvent ST and out of Gift Clearing ST), and (2) justify/document why non-gift revenue is being re-classed as gift revenue.
  • Solution: MECs SHOULD NOT approve non-fundraising event forms that use the optional donation item in Cvent. If a unit wants to collect donations for a non-fundraising event, they need to direct guests to contribute separately via the CU Foundation giving website.
  • Additional information is available in the wiki, Creating Fundraising Events.

Active Students without Campus Email Addresses

  • Issue: After the migration from CRM01 to CRM03, Daniella Torres identified 1,040 actively enrolled students who were missing an email address in the appropriate campus email field.
  • Impact: Some actively enrolled students were not receiving communications sent to data extensions.
  • Solution: Daniella worked with UIS to address the issue, and as of this week, only one student remains who does not have an email address in the campus email field. UIS will work to correct the remaining record, and ongoing audits will continue.

Ongoing Data Issues

  • As mentioned in the August digest, the System team and UIS have begun meeting monthly to address ongoing data issues. These issues can now be found both in TaskRay and in the Data Issues Dashboard built for UIS.

New Wikis this Week

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks